Objectives and our Services



a)    To produce an all round developed citizen who will fit in the society.
b)    To empower the staff to use their discretion to make well considered choices for the organization.
c)    To focus on having a customer service mindset by focusing on making the customers service the best experience they have.
d)    To build trust and loyalty among employees and in their relations with customers.
e)    To empower the staff with the ability to solve problems in a cordial manner with the customer in mind.

Our services
⦁    We offer the best 8-4-4 education training
⦁    We have some of the best sports and athletics facilities.
⦁    Our meals are delicious and balanced.
⦁    Our friendly staff will make you feel at home away from home.
⦁    We treat our staff with courtesy and respect
⦁    We pay our suppliers on time.


STAKEHOLDERSa.    parents b.    Studentsc.    surrounding communitiesd.    Teaching staff

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School Rules

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